Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tenenbaum counsel requests assistance on response to sanctions motion from blogger who blogged that he deserves to be sanctioned

I received the following comment to my post "Tenenbaum legal team: good on Twitter; lacking in legal tactics":
charlie nesson said...

my students and i are at work on a response to the riaa's request for sanctions against me. perhaps we could share the draft with you and get your assessment and suggestions for improvement. we won't be filing it until the first circuit matter resolves, or unless sooner requested by the trial judge.

I responded:
Ben Sheffner said...

If you'd like, you are free to send me a draft, and I will comment on it -- publicly, as a blogger. But to be clear: I will not provide legal advice to Mr. Tenenbaum or form an attorney-client relationship with him.

We are in a whole new world...

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