Wednesday, March 11, 2009

On Techdirt and 'derogatory' language

Techdirt's editor on the term "patent trolls":
I tend to avoid it unless it absolutely fits. Since, by it's [sic] very nature, it's derogatory, it tends to shut off conversation rather than encourage it.
Fair enough. "Derogatory" is bad. "Conversation" is good, and should be "encourage[d]." So let's see what non-derogatory words Techdirt uses to encourage conversation:

Let the conversation begin! (But please don't upset the patent trolls non-practicing entities with any "derogatory" language.)

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  1. Maybe it's just the optimism in the air, but I think that the tension between you and Techdirt will be resolved in a romantic comedy kind of way. 90 minutes from now you'll realize that you complete each other. Note: in this scenario, you are the bound-for-glory Tom Hanks and he is the soon-to-be-forgotten Meg Ryan. Cherish your moments together though.

    Caveat: I tend to see the world through love-colored glasses, for I am an unrepentant romance troll.


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