Thursday, May 21, 2009

Camara: no sleep 'til Duluth!

Above the Law's David Lat landed an interview with "legal Doogie Howser" Kiwi Camara, who explains how he and his fellow Jammie Thomas defenders -- who only joined the cause last weekend -- will get up to speed in time for the June 15 trial in Duluth:

The Jammie Thomas case was -- and is -- scheduled to go to trial on June 15. Camara & Sibley agreed not to seek a continuance when it entered the case. Having just joined the litigation, will the firm be ready by trial time?

Camara did not seem fazed. He cited the firm's involvement in the English and Tenenbaum cases, whose issues substantially overlap with those raised in the Thomas case. "And we don't sleep," Camara added.

(my emphasis). And that's right -- not only will Team Tenenbaum be helping defend Thomas, but Camara is also helping out with Tenenbaum! Harmonic convergence!

In honor of plaintiff UMG, I present "No sleep till..."

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