Monday, October 5, 2009

BREAKING: Supreme Court won't hear Joel Tenenbaum's webcast appeal

The Supreme Court today denied Joel Tenenbaum's cert. petition in which he sought review of the First Circuit's decision holding that federal court rules did not permit district judge Nancy Gertner to allow the live webcast of proceedings in Tenenbaum's copyright case. See page 70 of this order. The record label plaintiffs, who opposed the webcast, did not file an opposition to Tenenbaum's petition. As per its usual practice, the Court did not reveal its reasons for denial of the petition, but I can think of several: 1) there is no circuit split; 2) the issue is moot since Tenenbaum's trial finished in July; and 3) the Court is perfectly happy to keep cameras out of federal courtrooms.

Disclosure: I signed on to an amicus brief in support of the webcast in the First Circuit.

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