Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Reuters: 'The Obama aims to change Shanghai's clubbing scene'

I have no idea whether China even recognizes the concept of right of publicity. But, boys and girls, I strongly recommend that you do not try this at home:

The U.S. president has yet again unofficially lent his name to a place of entertainment, this time The Obama Club, one of Shanghai's largest entertainment venues which aims to revolutionize the city's thriving clubbing scene.

Designed by Las Vegas-based club and resort designers Cagley and Tanner, who are behind the Bellagio's Salon Prive, The Obama Club is a massive 6,000 square meters (64,580 sq ft).

It comes complete with pole dancers, hostesses as well as state-of-the-art audio and video systems in a city was once dubbed the "Paris of the East" for its glamorous lifestyle, but also the "Whore of the Orient" for it decadent ways.

And lest you think that the club's use of "Obama" was just a coincidental use of a Chinese sound-alike word, the owner helpfully dispels that notion:

"We had thought of all kinds of names but then, by coincidence the radio was on and we heard some news about Obama. So we thought this name was quite good. We just felt it was easy to say and was controversial enough," Dragon Chiang, vice chairman of Shanghai Yahe Investment and Management Co. Ltd, one of the owners, told Reuters.

"Because Obama mentioned 'change', we also hoped that this nightclub, a pinnacle of culture and entertainment, can be an instrument of change," Chiang added.

The popular U.S. president's name has been used as a drawcard by clubs, pubs and restaurants in many Asian cities.

Update: Now with video!

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