Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Floating More IP Czars

P2P Net, an infringement-friendly news site, joins the growing chorus of copyleft activists hoping to forestall President-Elect Obama from appointing a pro-industry IP Czar. P2P Net suggests Nashville music attorney Fred Wilhelms, who specializes in representing artists seeking allegedly unpaid royalties from record labels and publishers. (Why can't I find him on Tennessee's official attorney directory? Hope he's OK!)

The comments below the P2P Net article include some entertaining suggestions, including singer/songwriter Janis Ian, Bono, Kris Kristofferson (a Rhodes scholar!) and "NINE INCH NAILS BAND LEADER." Apparently unacceptable are "Lars [I killed Napster] Ulrich and Orrin [blow up their computers] Hatch."


  1. Here's a vote for Courtney Love as the nation's IP Czarina! Before you laugh, she was willing to face down her own fans and write an anti-Napster op-ed some years ago in a moment of lucidity. She's smarter than she blogs.

  2. Here's the article, wherein Ms. Love expounds on Orrin Hatch, "dot communists," and her Prada pants:



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