Sunday, August 2, 2009

Beckerman: Don't help Tenenbaum pay the $675,000 award

Joel Tenenbaum is soliciting donations to help pay the $675,000 award a Boston jury ordered him to pay for infringing the major record labels' copyrights in 30 sound recordings. An intra-anti-RIAA war ensues...

UPDATE: Tenenbaum says the donations will be used to defer defense costs, not to pay the judgment.


  1. Ummm...This is from Debbie Rosenbaum and not Ray Beckerman. He *did* repost it and may agree, but it's not from him.


  2. @Randy:

    I'm not sure what your point is. Beckerman is criticizing Rosenbaum (and the whole Tenenbaum defense team) for trying to raise money to pay the judgment. Beckerman's opposition to the fundraising drive is pretty clear:

  3. i thought joel was going to declare bankruptcy? he'll survive in the long run. the result in his case was pre-ordained - the fair use defense was poppycock, and the evidence of infringement was clear.

    put it this way - if there were some master defendants' attorney picking and choosing with RIAA cases to try, they wouldn't have picked joels. they would have picked some grandma with an orphaned grandchild living with them (perhaps both parents killed in wartime duty?). on the RIAA's side, this case was an awesome one to try.

  4. I'm pretty amazed that people will give money to this smug schmuck but won't pony up eight bucks to buy a record album. Somehow they find that ideologically correct.


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