Monday, August 3, 2009

Slate: Piracy may lead to apocalypse!

As part of its years-long campaign to ruin August, Slate has decided to present its readers with "144 potential causes of America's future death." All 144 are listed here for your convenience. Or you can play the nifty "Choose your own apocalypse" game.

I must say, I'm impressed that Slate has identified "media piracy" as End-of-America scenario #22, right between "end of English" and "decadence" (18 places below "loose nukes," though 30 above killer asteroid!).

So to my friends in the anti-piracy world: keep up your hard work. The nation's very survival is at stake...


  1. does that make matt oppenheim jesus and you a prophet?

  2. According to the most recent study that I could find, for the year 2007:

    - The US core copyright industried accounted for more than 11% of GDP;
    - Exports of copyright industry products exceeded those of aircraft, autos, pharmaceuticals, and agricultural products; and
    - The copyright industry employed 8% of the total US workforce.

    So yeah, the illicit cannibalism of this industry would wreak havoc on the country.

  3. "The United States ceases to be the world's leading exporter of culture.."

    Errrr... excuse me, who gave you lot your language anyway ?! :)


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