Friday, September 4, 2009

Daily News issues stronger Roxanne Shanté correction in paper version

Someone who got today's paper version of the New York Daily News passed along a copy of the correction of its now-debunked story on Roxanne Shanté -- and it turns out the correction on paper was a bit stronger than the one the Daily News ran online.

For example, the web correction merely states, "there have been recent media reports that there never was an education clause in Shante's recording contract," without commenting one way or the other whether such "media reports" were true. The paper correction, however, says that Shanté's story of a clause in a contract with Warner Music Group obligating the company to pay for her education for life "has been called into serious doubt in recent media reports," adding that "a former lawyer for [Shanté's] label says he is 'confident' its contract contained no education clause." Just to reiterate: Warner told me on the record that it never had any contract with Shanté, let alone one obligating WMG to pay for her education.

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