Friday, March 26, 2010

Court orders Tenenbaum and Nesson to pay $2,249 over discovery fight

Judge Nancy Gertner has accepted the plaintiffs' calculation of their expenses incurred in litigating a motion to compel Joel Tenenbaum to produce evidence regarding his defense team's posting of seven of the songs at issue in his copyright case to a publicly available web site -- expenses that she already ruled Tenenbaum and his counsel Charles Nesson must pay. Judge Gertner ordered Tenenbaum and Nesson to pay exactly what the plaintiffs demanded: $2,249, representing 8.6 hours of work by two associates and a paralegal. Pursuant to the court's order, Tenenbaum and Nesson (who is representing his client pro bono) are jointly and severally liable for the whole amount. Here's the text of the order:
Judge Nancy Gertner: ORDER entered. The Court hereby ORDERS the defendant, Joel Tenenbaum, and his attorney, Charles Nesson, to pay plaintiffs Two Thousand Two Hundred Forty-Nine And 00/100 Dollars ($2,249.00) as reasonable expenses incurred in making the plaintiffs motion to compel. Both the defendant and his attorney shall be jointly and severally liable for making this payment to the plaintiffs.(GAM)

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