Thursday, March 11, 2010

Obama lauds ACTA; vows to 'aggressively protect ' IP; will 'crack down on practices that blatantly harm our businesses'

President Obama today spoke to the Export-Import Bank's annual conference and in the process lauded the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, and gave a strong endorsement to aggressive IP enforcement.
What’s more, we’re going to aggressively protect our intellectual property. Our single greatest asset is the innovation and the ingenuity and creativity of the American people. It is essential to our prosperity and it will only become more so in this century. But it’s only a competitive advantage if our companies know that someone else can’t just steal that idea and duplicate it with cheaper inputs and labor. There’s nothing wrong with other people using our technologies, we welcome it –- we just want to make sure that it’s licensed, and that American businesses are getting paid appropriately. That’s why USTR is using the full arsenal of tools available to crack down on practices that blatantly harm our businesses, and that includes negotiating proper protections and enforcing our existing agreements, and moving forward on new agreements, including the proposed Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement.
This may be the strongest pro-IP statement I've seen from Obama himself. But it should come as little surprise; here's what the Obama campaign said about the candidate's views on international IP enforcement:
Protect American Intellectual Property Abroad: The Motion Picture Association of America estimates that in 2005, more than nine of every 10 DVDs sold in China were illegal copies. The U.S. Trade Representative said 80 percent of all counterfeit products seized at U.S. borders still come from China. Barack Obama and Joe Biden will work to ensure intellectual property is protected in foreign markets, and promote greater cooperation on international standards that allow our technologies to compete everywhere.
So far, at least, all signs are that Obama is seeking to fulfill his campaign pledge.

(h/t Tech Daily Dose)

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  1. Meanwhile across the pond the EU Parliament is kicking up.


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