Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nesson: 'will i land in jail'?

More email made public between Harvard Law School professor Charles Nesson and Team Tenenbaum flack Debbie Rosenbaum. Rosenbaum to Nesson:

after yesterday’s ruling, we need to be on point, on target, and on the ball. we need to get our experts lined up. we need to think about trial strategy. we need to draft. we need to prepare. WE NEED HELP.

if you ever take my advice, take this: let’s get a law student to help us full time until trial. a while back, i emailed you about a guy i knew who would be perfect for the job.

what point do we need to be on
what is the target
our experts are getting lined up
trial strategy is well in hand
OK, then.... Two intriguing entries on Nesson's "todo" list:
june 23
motion to see jury film
june 24
letter to souter
Nesson also posted an .mp3, but apparently protected it with a password. A retreat from "radical transparency"?

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