Saturday, June 20, 2009

'Obama have Blackberry, I have Blockberry'

Via the Cloned in China blog:
We all know Obama uses Blackberry phone, and right now the China shanzhai phone maker haff-comm is using this information to promote their new shanzhai phone blockberry 9500 and has Obama’s figure appeared in this phone’s poster with a slogan "Obama have Blackberry, I have blockberry".
If you're making blatant rip-offs, shouldn't you make some attempt to stay a little under the radar?

(h/t Likelihood of Confusion)


  1. If you're going to criticize, next time get your facts straight. The translation you have uses improper grammar that makes the publishers of the ad seem unintelligent, which amounts to no more than an ad hominem argument. The poster actually says, "Obama's Blackberry, My Blockberry".

  2. @Anonymous:

    I am the first to admit I can't read Chinese, and that the translation I used was taken verbatim from the "Cloned in China" blog. Thank you for providing a more accurate translation.

  3. Hilarious unintended triple-entendre there...

    1) BlackBerry - Intended meaning.
    2) BlockedBerry - Since China censors most of the web.
    3) (Communist-)BlocBerry - Even if the Bloc was in Europe.

    - JBC


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