Monday, July 20, 2009

IP Colloquium takes on Shepard Fairey/AP case

UCLA Law School professor Doug Lichtman's IP Colloquium has posted a very interesting new podcast, this one addressing the copyright issues raised by Shepard Fairey's use of an Associated Press (or maybe Manny Garcia) photo in his iconic "Obama Hope" poster. The podcast features Lichtman interviewing Stanford Law School professor Mark Lemley (Fairey's attorney), Kirkland & Ellis partner Dale Cendali (the AP's attorney), and Ken Richieri, Senior Vice President and General Counsel at the New York Times.

CLE credit is available in CA, IL, NY, TN, and WA, as well as other states that reciprocate with those five.

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  1. I am pleased you have given publicity to the excellent work Doug is doing with his IP Colloquium. One of his earlier presentations also dealt with copyright issues and is well worth the time to listen to it in its entirety.

    M. Slonecker


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