Monday, July 6, 2009

MPAA's Dan Glickman to run for Senate? Sure doesn't sound like it.

Here's a classic example of a reporter trying to make something out of nothing. Politico gossipeuse Anne Schroeder spoke with MPAA Chairman and CEO Dan Glickman and tried to gauge the former Congressman and Agriculture Secretary's interest in running for Senate in 2010 (when his contract happens to expire). Politico ran a story headlined "Sen. Dan Glickman?" and Nikki Finke followed with a post titled "MPAA's Dan Glickman Mulling Senate Run." But if you actually look at the facts that Schroeder reports, virtually all point to Glickman not running:
  • Glickman would not even say he's "flirting" with running. "I would say flirting is too strong a word," he told Scroeder.
  • Writes Schroeder, "Glickman even thought about hiring a pollster in Kansas, sources say, but never went through with it." (my emphasis).
  • Glickman lamented how much different it is to run for office now than when he first did so in 1976, and he said that he "like[s]" Todd Tiahrt, the likely GOP nominee (to whom Democrat Glickman lost his House seat in a 1994 upset).
  • "I would be surprised if he did run," a former Kansas Dem party official told Schroeder.
  • Glickman volunteered that he has not spent much time in Kansas recently, and doesn't even own a home there: "I have not spent an exceptionally high amount of time in the state in the last few years. Periodically, people at home talk to me about this, but I haven’t bought a house in Wichita, and I haven’t made frequent trips there. So that should tell you something."
  • And Glickman concludes by saying that the chances of his running are "extremely remote."
And the Kansas City Star found no more signs of a Glickman run that did Politico. In sum, it sounds like there is almost no chance Glickman will run. Not even much evidence of actual "mulling."

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