Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tenenbaum trial: day two preview

The Joel Tenenbaum opens today at 9am with opening statements. Plaintiffs asked for 20-30 minutes, defense counsel Charles Nesson for 40. Nesson's presentation promises to be unusual; yesterday he gave a preview of the demonstratives he plans to display to the jury, which include a Styrofoam box that he will use "to show the difference between atoms and bits, which is central to our case," as well as a poster of a "Necker Cube," whose relevance to this case remains a mystery.

After opening statements, plaintiffs will put on their first three witnesses: Sony attorney Wade Leak (who famously testified at the Thomas-Rasset trial that an award of $150,000 in statutory damages per work was "absolutely" appropriate), Chris Connelly of MediaSentry, and Mark Matteo of Cox Communications, Tenenbaum's ISP.

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