Sunday, June 20, 2010

Belinda Carlisle's full-service law firm

From page 104 of Belinda Carlisle's excellent new autobiography Lips Unsealed:
Shortly after we [Carlisle and her then-boyfriend, Dodger outfielder Mike Marshall] settled into the Marina del Rey apartment, I was at my lawyer's office and asked one of his assistants if they knew of a coke dealer in the Marina. I needed a connection closer than Hollywood. My lawyer's assistant made a call and gave me a slip of paper with a number on it and said it was okay for me to call.

I went home and it turned out that the dealer lived on the floor directly below mine. I couldn't believe my good fortune...
Anyone know who was Carlisle's lawyer circa 1982-83?

BTW, the book is great -- kind of like The Dirt, only with much cuter band members...

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  1. She managed to find cocaine in the LA area? In the early 80s? What a sleuth!


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