Monday, June 14, 2010

Gawker Media settles Alabama libel case

Back in March, I blogged about a decision by a federal court in Birmingham Alabama that kept alive a libel suit by Confederate Motors, Inc. against Gawker Media and its auto blog I'm way late to this, but less than two weeks after the court's decision, the parties informed the court that they had settled the case, and it was dismissed on June 7.

Shockingly, according to PACER, that leaves only one live case pending against Gawker in federal court: the "McSteamy" naked threesome copyright battle in the Central District of California.

Update: On June 11, Jalopnik published a correction of the original post, which reads in part, "[W]e do not have any proof that Confederate is 'unable to do business' in New York, as stated in the post, and regret any confusion the article may have caused." (h/t MediaPost).


  1. Ben, where can I find resources regarding libel laws and forums posts. I've ticked someone off with my critique of their board's rec league actions and they are threatening libel if i don't stop. I want to know what my rights are and if there are and cases that have been brought forward.

  2. @Anon 3:30:

    Try starting here:


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