Monday, June 21, 2010

Politico: IP Czar's report due this week

Reports Politico:
Industry sources tell POLITICO they expect White House Intellectual Property czar Victoria Espinel to drop her much-anticipated IP report this week. Her recommendations could reach the vice president’s office Tuesday and go public Wednesday, just in time for the Senate Judiciary Committee’s scheduled IP oversight hearing.
I believe the report in question is the "Joint Strategic Plan," mandated by Section 301 of the 2008 PRO-IP Act, and whose contents are described at Section 303. Earlier this year, Espinel's office sought public comments in anticipation of releasing the report.

Here's a link to the notice of the Senate Judiciary Committee's June 23 oversight hearing, which will feature testimony from Espinel, Warner Bros. CEO Barry Meyer; Paul E. Almeida, President, Department for Professional Employees at the AFL-CIO; David Hirschmann, President and CEO of the US Chamber of Commerce's Global Intellectual Property Center; and Caroline Bienstock, President and CEO of independent music publisher Carlin America.

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