Thursday, April 16, 2009

The glamorous lives of copyright litigators

For those who think copyright litigation is all hifalutin' debates about the idea/expression dichotomy, the contours of secondary liability, and the fine line between parody and satire, keep in mind that the lawyers on what may be the biggest and most important copyright case on earth are busying themselves arguing over the proper method for divvying up deposition hours, and accusing their opponents of forging a "rogue discovery track" (a wonderful phrase I shall tuck away for future use, perhaps as a band name).

Good times on Viacom v. YouTube...

(I gotta say: I like Judge Stanton's method of ruling by simply marking up the attorney's letter. A lot quicker and more efficient than writing out a whole order or opinion.)

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  1. Outstanding! Rogue Discovery would make an great band name.


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