Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Joel Tenenbaum's team speaks: 'Civil sometimes painful'

Joel Tenenbaum's team of Harvard Law School students has granted an interview to p2pnet, revealing that "Civil procedure, as any first-year can tell you, is sometimes painful." No kidding! We also learn what the now famous Raymond Bilderbeck actually looks like, and that his public pronouncements are considerably less interesting than what he has to say in more unguarded moments. And that the RIAA has the remarkable power to prevent Joel Tenenbaum from hanging up his phone. Ray Beckerman is "disappoint[ed]," "appalled," and "sad."


  1. The quote from me is extremely misleading, as all three adjectives were reactions to a portion of the interview Mr. Sheffner never mentioned: the question as to whether Harvard Law School would be representing other RIAA defendants, and the response that it would not, despite being inundated with requests for representation. What I was actually reporting on and responding to, and what I actually wrote, is in the "Ed. note" published here

  2. Ray --

    I fail to see how anyone could be "misle[d]" by the quotes I used. Rather, I suspect most people would read the quotes and (just as I intended) say to themselves, "Huh. I wonder why Beckerman is 'disappoint[ed],' 'appalled,' and 'sad.'" Then they would click on the link I provided (the exact same one that you put in your comment), and their curiosity would be satisfied. That's one of the joys of blogging: one can express oneself through links, not simply through prose.

  3. The fact that you defended it, rather than, corrected it, does not speak well for you. Our relationship, such as it is, is over. You don't have to publish this comment if you would rather not. Or you could publish it if you wish. I do not care. Have a good life.

  4. Well, it was fun while it lasted. I will so miss you calling me "running dog," "dishonest pseudo commentator[]," and all the rest.


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