Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Nesson apologizes to wife for recording conversation

When I started this blog, it never entered my mind that one day I'd be writing about the relationship between a Harvard Law School professor and his wife. But, having covered the controversy about Charles Nesson's taping, and subsequent web-posting, of a conversation with his wife about the Joel Tenenbaum case, it's only fair that I reprint the apology that Professor Nesson just posted to his own blog:
i would like to make a public apology to my wife for revealing a private conversation between the two us. she began the conversation by specifically asking me to keep it private. her remarks were not meant to hurt or offend but merely to support me in my lonely position. i did her a great disservice by revealing the conversation and she has done me a great service in being a good sport about it and forgiving me.
And now back to writing about something about which I can actually claim some expertise...

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  1. Hey Ben! I'd say you now understand my relationship with Charlie just about as well as I do!(And I'd be most happy if you would move on to other topics!)


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