Monday, April 20, 2009

Who is this masked anti-DMCA activist?

Words fail me:

Actually, if you can ignore the fact that you're being lectured to about the DMCA's notice-and-takedown provisions by some dude wearing a Mexican wrestling mask, you'll actually be impressed by this non-lawyer who calls himself the "Masked Analyst" and understands the DMCA better than most attorneys I know. And he's even come up with a novel and not-totally-crazy argument that the DMCA is unconstitutional insofar as it requires anyone who files a counternotice to reveal his identity, in violation of the right to speak anonymously.


  1. I am shocked, shocked that the video goes on for 18 minutes. That's longer than In A Gadda Da Vida. Fortunately, Nacho Libre seems to be a fan of yours.

  2. Well, the Masked Analyst is a Copyrights & and Campaigns reader. He cites Ben's opinion that the CNN DMCA takedown notice was, perhaps, bogus.

    I didn't bother watching the amateur video. The presenter has thoughtfully provided an alternative to watching his awkward presentation by linking to a full transcript:

    Ironically, by leaving holes for the eyes, nose and mouth, the masked analyst has exposed all the features needed for a facial recognition match...

    Anyway, I think his point about the DMCA counter notice destroying anonymous free speech is an interesting one and is perhaps a litagatable defect in the DMCA that impermissibly restricts free speech.



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