Sunday, January 25, 2009

BREAKING: Twitter might actually be useful

I've for some time been a Twitter-skeptic. The "microblogging" service seemed to embody the worst aspects of "Web 2.0": self-indulgence, narcissism, superficiality, celebration of writing before thinking, and utter lack of a business model. Well, I'm still pretty skeptical (case in point), but I must admit that I've recently found an actual use that goes beyond a way to inform the world that "Ben is moving to a different section of his couch." Namely, I can heartily recommend the "CopyrightLaw" feed compiled (Twitted? Tweeted?) by Professor Michael Scott of Southwestern Law School. Just a few words and a link to an interesting blog post or news article -- no nonsense, and no fluff. Scott has similar feeds for privacy law, Internet law, and issues of interest to law professors. So sign up and enjoy, before everyone figures out you can't run a business without making any money.

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