Friday, January 30, 2009

LA Times skips right to Web 4.0

The LA Times is dropping its stand-alone local news section from its print edition. You think the Times would mention this in its own paper, possibly even explain and elucidate? Presumably Times reporters could walk down the hall or ride an elevator and interview the responsible parties themselves. Are you crazy? It's old-fashioned thinking like that that's sinking the newspaper business! Instead, the Times' "LA Now" blog simply cites a report about the death of its own "California" section in the LA Observed blog. (This is the same blog that the Times has tried to ban its employees from talking to, and even tried to block some employees from reading.)

But my favorite part of the Times' report is its headine:
Hollywood papers struggle; L.A. paper loses local news section

"L.A. paper"? Who could that be?

UPDATE: the Times explains and elucidates.

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