Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Legal Pad Blog: Cablevision case is 'Early Test for Obama on IP Issues'

I don't plan to blog in any detail about the Cablevision case, since I worked on it in the S.D.N.Y. and Second Circuit as an attorney at Fox. Instead, I will simply let Cal Law do the talking:
Obama loved him some Silicon Valley during his presidential campaign, when the donations were flowing. The question is: Will it be reciprocated when it comes time to pick sides in the copyright war between Silicon Valley’s tech companies and the Hollywood movie studios?

The Supreme Court made sure today that the question will have to be answered sooner than later. The high court told the solicitor general to weigh in on a copyright fight between Cablevision and a bunch of studios. The studios claim that the cable company is infringing its copyrights by storing TV shows on its servers and allowing customers to watch them when they like....

“This will be the first test for the Obama administration on which side it chooses to support in the ongoing copyright debate between content providers/copyright owners, on the one hand, and technology companies, on the other hand,” observes Michael Barclay, the Wilson Sonsini IP litigator who alerted us to the news.

More from the LA Times here.

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  1. The last paragraph of the Cal Law post sort of nullifies the original question--Obama received donations from Hollywood as well. Whatever side it chooses to support, the administration will alienate donors.


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