Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Time Warner's Parsons back in the mix for Commerce?

Tracking the prospect that that President-elect Obama may tap former Time Warner CEO Dick Parsons, now a member of the Time Warner board, as Commerce Secretary, is like riding a roller coaster.

Time magazine's The Page blog kicked things off on Jan. 6 with the initial report that Parsons "is under consideration as possible replacement for Bill Richardson at Commerce."

Then on Jan. 8, the NY Times' DealBook reported that Parsons -- a Republican who gave $25,000 in May 2008 to the McCain Victory Committee -- "swatted down" the rumors that he would take the Commerce job. "I’m a very big fan of the incoming president, Parsons told the Times, "but, alas, it’s not true." (Parsons also gave Obama's presidential campaign a few thousand in 2008. Prescient?)

Now comes along National Journal's Tech Daily Dose to revive Parsons' chances. Reports the Dose, "some sources said [Parsons] is already being vetted by the transition team...." The Dose also says that Parsons is in the running to become chairman of Citigroup -- which certainly pays better than Commerce, but probably provides less job security.

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