Monday, January 26, 2009

Found: campaign to urge Obama to appoint copyleft-friendly IP Czar

I've been waiting for the copyleft to organize a campaign to urge President Obama to appoint a Copyright Czar from the copyleft itself. Well, here it is, courtesy of Recording Industry vs. The People:

Here is the White House contact form

Here is a link to the White House's contact form.

Please urge President Obama not to appoint a representative of the content cartel as "copyright czar". To do so would be a continuation of putting the 'foxes in charge of the henhouse'.

Please also make the White House is aware of Judge Davis's remarks in Capitol v. Thomas, calling for congressional reform to protect against outlandish verdicts against noncommercial users.

Please pass this along.
I must say, I'm a bit confused by Ray Beckerman's fox/henhouse metaphor. The IP Czar is formally called the "Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator." Wouldn't naming someone hostile to enforcement -- which is what the copyleft apparently wants -- be the true case of putting the foxes in charge?

Meanwhile, the "Towards a Comprehensive, Balanced U.S. Patent and Copyright Policy" Facebook cause currently has 515 members (and a nice picture of Neil MacBride.)

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