Monday, January 12, 2009

Tech Daily Dose 'crusades' for IP relevance

I love trade publications, and especially their obsessive focus on their own respective industry, to the exclusion of the Big Picture. For example, at my former employer Roll Call, which covers the internal politics and organization of Congress, we used to joke that if a giant shooting star crashed into Capitol Hill, our headline would read: "Meteor Strike Destroys Capitol; Massive Subcommittee Shuffle Ahead."

Which brings us to today's banner headline from National Journal's (excellent) Tech Daily Dose:
Voinovich, IP Crusader, Confirms Retirement
Which was probably the first time the low-key Ohioan, a "plainspoken Midwesterner" has ever been called a "crusader," let alone an "IP" one. I have no reason to doubt National Journal's conclusion that Voinovich has been a " key Senate proponent for U.S. intellectual property protection." But somehow the mainstream papers that covered his retirement announcement failed to focus on his IP record. Instead, the Plain Dealer highlighted his plans to spend "more time [on] his avocation -- fishing for walleye, bass, yellow perch and steelhead trout in Lake Erie."

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