Thursday, January 29, 2009

'Pirate Party aims to siege California'

We're a ways off from the Jolly Roger flying over Sacramento, but the US branch of the Pirate Party -- which apparently received 34,918 votes in the Swedish general election of 2006 -- has set its sights on California, hoping to become an officially registered political party:

The Pirate Party of the United States is pleased to announce that California will soon be joining the fleet. Hoepfully soon, we will be recognized by the State Secretary, and have voters be able to affiliate with the party. Currently, we are still drafting a constitution outlining our policies and structure.

We are seeking volunteers. We need to collect 88,991 signatures in order to be recognized by the Secretary of State of California. On top of that, we need people to fill officer positions; anyone interested please get ahold of me.

Frankly, we feel that the RIAA and MPAA's rutheless campaign of suing their own customers out of their livelyhoods must cease immediately. The terrible litigation facing international bodies (ACTA) must see the light of day, and the DMCA must be repealed.

We also feel that when a government cannot operate in an open, free environment, it does not work for the people, and most importantly, Democracy. California needs to adopt, encourage, and promote greater transparency in all forms and branches of government.

The US Pirate Party endorsed Barack Obama in the recent election, though appears to have had minimal effect on his conduct in office. Whether they can change California -- let alone get on the ballot -- remains to be seen.

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