Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Internet to TV: Sooner than I thought

I recently posted on the difficulty of getting Internet content to the TV as one of the explanations for why piracy hasn't harmed the film and TV industries as much as it has the music industry. And I said it would probably be 2-4 years before it would be really easy for normal consumers to make their content move from the computer to TV. Well, that 2-4 years may have been a bit optimistic/pessimistic (depending on one's point of view). The LA Times tech blog is reporting from CES that Internet TV is all the rage in Vegas:
The press conferences had scarcely started at the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show before Netgear demonstrated a new product that epitomizes one of the dominant themes of the show: a device that brings online video to the TV set. Two versions, in fact. In doing so, the company (probably unintentionally) showed what was wrong with previous efforts to bridge the PC-TV gap, and what's still missing from today's -- including its own.
See also here and here. A lot of this still seems a bit too "techie" for the average user to be able to go to some pirate streaming or p2p site and easily watch a movie on his or her 46-inch LCD, but that day is coming sooner than I had thought.

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