Monday, January 12, 2009

More Big Content migration to Obama Administration

I'm a bit late to this, but I just noticed that David Kris, whom President-elect Obama is expected to name to head the Department of Justice's National Security Division, is currently chief ethics and compliance officer at Time Warner -- one of the biggest copyright owners in the world. While Kris' Time Warner line on his resume is certainly impressive, it's unlikely that it's what earned him the DOJ slot; rather, he served early in the Bush Administration as Associate Deputy Attorney General, where, reports the Blog of Legal Times, Kris was "sharply critical of the Bush administration’s key legal justifications for the National Security Agency's domestic spying program." GW Law Professor Orin Kerr calls Kris "one of the world's foremost subject-matter experts in national security law."

Kris joins other copyright-friendly appointees in the Obama Administration, including Tom Perrelli, David Ogden, and the likely new White House IP Czar -- not to mention the Vice-President. Alas, Kris' Time Warner colleague Richard Parsons has denied a rumor that he will replace Bill Richardson as Obama's choice for Secretary of Commerce. Apparently having a pro-copyright Republican helming Commerce was too much to ask.

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