Monday, January 26, 2009

'Skank' update: hearing on discovery motion 'adjourned' until Feb. 23

Looks like we'll have to wait another month before we know whether model Liskula Cohen gets to find out who's behind the "Skanks in NYC" blog that is not a big fan of Ms. Cohen. C&C admits it has little idea how the New York Supreme Court actually works, but it appears from its fancy online docket that the hearing on Cohen's effort to obtain pre-action discovery from Google under CPLR § 3102(c) has been "adjourned" until Feb. 23:

The suspense is killing us...

UPDATE: turns out there actually was a hearing today. Reports Daily Online Examiner:
Judge Joan Madden said in court she wouldn't unmask the blogger until he or she had been served with papers and given an opportunity to object. Madden ordered Google to email the blog creator with the court papers by Wednesday.
According to the Examiner, the judge punted on the issue of whether Skanks in NYC actually defamed Cohen:
The judge, to her credit, hesitated to rule that the statements were enough to support a defamation lawsuit. "I'm not comfortable signing this," she told the lawyers in an off-the-record bench conference.
More from Citizen Media Law Project.

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  1. The real victim in all of this is me, in that the bloggers have stopped updating the Skanks in NYC site.


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