Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More Reax to Perrelli Appointment: Aux Barricades, Slashdotters!

Denizens of Slashdot's copylefty comment boards are reacting to Obama's appointment of music industry litigator Tom Perrelli as Associate Attorney General. And they are not pleased with The One for tapping someone Slashdot terms "The Recording Industry of America's favorite courtroom lawyer." A collection of some of my favorite Slashdotter comments:
  • Congratulations on electing a politician. Please enjoy the next 8 years of corporate whoring.
  • Obama wants to change the system. But in order to do that, he needs insiders, clinton retreads, lobbyists, and big corporate stooges that know how to get shit done. Once he's surrounded by them, he'll be able to change the system.
  • Now I'm laughing at all the drones here that fell for the Messiah's clever PR campaign.
  • It could be, that like most lawyers, he doesn't actually believe in the RIAA cause and just wants their money. Murderers and rapists need lawyers that just have to be advocates in court and not true believers in their client's innocence. That being said, when you set your expectations higher than the gutter (especially in politics) there is a chance you'll be disappointed.
  • Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.
  • Between that and this pick [time.com], will all the Slashdot Obama koolaid drinkers who thought he was supposedly pro-tech please stand up and be heard now!
  • If Chimpy McBushitler had done this, it'd be business as usual on /. But now that his O'ness has done it, I'm looking forward to a really entertaining read.
  • I can't wait to watch all the hardcore supporters roll back expectations, deny all the claims they made about change, and finally blame the system itself for any failures on the chosen ones part.
  • And the rest of us who maybe had a little hope for change are just going to be disappointed with more "new boss".
  • I'm laughing to myself, because anyone who thought there was going to be serious change in DC was only deluding themselves. Now the truth is becoming apparent, Obama is no different then any other politician except he has a greater personal charisma.
  • His picks for the Justice Department are pretty fucking scary. He picks a pro-gun control/pro-war on drugs person to lead it and a former RIAA lawyer for #3? Unless John Ashcroft is #2 I don't really see how this could be any worse.
And my personal favorite:
  • Why that @#$%^ #$%^&*^&*() &*()_+ @#$%@@@!!!!! son of a #$%^&*^ ^&&^*()( ^& ^&* () *&!!!


  1. I, for one, am "shocked, Rick, shocked" that it will be business as usual (or worse) in the White House. I am, however, eagerly awaiting the "Obama lied, tech died" meme, or perhaps seeing attacks on "Chimpy McObamassiahitler".

  2. I voted for him on the off chance that maybe he was for real. Now know he wasn't. Problem is - Clinton would not have been one whit different. We are just well and truly screwed.

  3. Yes, a Democratic president suggesting an African American Republican as Commerce secretary -- that would be business as usual. Is there some way in which Parsons was particularly problematic in his attitude toward copyright/ technology, or is this just knee-jerk "boo, owners of content"?


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